about the show

Justin Marks, M.D. has one night to save his career.  Justin is a new intern whose life’s dream is to become an ER doctor and save lives. Despite excelling in the classroom, Justin struggled in his medical school rotations due to his inability to relate to his patients. His focus on science and research, and his dependence on his ipad led to his being left off every hospital’s want list and failing to land a spot in a residency program. Now, he must fight for his career, as he is forced to compete with his med school nemesis Kyle for the one Emergency Medicine spot left in the country. Both candidates have been asked to work one overnight shift to allow the program director, Dr. Sharp, to choose between the two.  Emergency is a modern-day American musical that follows Dr. Marks through this 12-hour shift and allows the audience to experience the laughs, love, happiness, and tears that a night in the ER can bring. He is mentored by Dr. Hill, the seasoned leader of the ER, and is antagonized by the charge nurse Carla, who has lost her compassion and also happens to be Kyle’s aunt. Despite the mentorship by Dr. Hill, Justin finds himself struggling with the same problems that plagued him in medical school.  

Emergency features a memorable cast of supporting characters, including the lovable ladies-man, Male Nurse (the self-proclaimed “Master of the bed pan”), the cleaning lady/spiritual center of the ER Michelle, the drug seeking patient Joe Smith, and the lovable couple, Harold and Betty, who are forced to celebrate their 50thanniversary in the ER.  Staying true to a real shift in the ER, the story is not just about rectal foreign bodies and phone calls from Jesus.  There are heartfelt and emotional moments as well, centered largely around Bobby, the “forgotten” patient and Harold. And what story would be complete without a love interest? In addition to battling Kyle, his confidence, and his nerves while caring for patients, Justin also finds himself lovestruck by Kathryn with a “K”.

The soundtrack consists of 17 original songs which seamlessly extend the dialogue to further portray the emotion of the moment.  They are intentionally composed in varying styles according to the personality of their character and mood of the scene, yet flow well from one to the next. From the powerful and emotional ballads “Someone Else’s Dream”, “Without Cracks”, and “Forever in Your Eyes”, to the light and happy “Love with an Elle” and “Definitely, Maybe”, to the 80’s rock song “P.U.L.S.E”, the songs deliver catchy and memorable melodies that will leave the audience singing them well after the curtain has closed.  

Considering the film and television success of medicine-themed shows, as well as the enormous number of medical professionals who are ready to see their story told on stage, Emergencyis ready to hit the stage.  So, sit back, relax, and open the curtain, it’s time for Emergency!  You’ll laugh…then cry…then laugh again…then maybe cry again. And don’t worry, if you have a heart attack, we’ll bring you back.