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Jeff Foy
Jacob Foy

Jeff and Jacob Foy are a father/son writing duo from Indiana. They started writing Emergency when Jacob was just 16 years old. They have enjoyed spending countless hours together writing, re-writing, recording, singing, creating melodies, and working on their show.

Jacob, 19, is a sophomore in college where he is a theatre major.  He is a self-taught musician and composer, and is responsible for creating and playing every note in every song of the soundtrack. He recorded, mixed, and edited each song in his bedroom closet using recording equipment he got for Christmas.  His goal is to become an accomplished Broadway writer/musician/producer.

.Jeff is a physician who practices Emergency Medicine.  His love of both theatre and medicine are what led to his idea of a writing a musical set in the Emergency Department.  He is thrilled to be working alongside Jacob, his oldest of 4 children, and is excited to continue collaborating on all the projects they have in the works.  

For more from The Foys, please check out our next show, One Night Only, at

Jacob and Jeff are excitedly awaiting the curtain rising on their show, and are currently in search of the right venue.  If you are interested, please contact us!!

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